We make pennons for export for over 10 years, firstly with screen printing, then with digital printing, thus being the first company in Romania which used sublimation printing for pennons.

Digital printing allows us to obtain complex images of a high picture quality. Moreover, through the digital printing can be made ​​only some items but also quantities of thousands of pennons.

Over time we have worked on all types of materials: satin, laminated satin with sticker, satin with fusing, reaching finally to produce our own material fact which allows us to say that our flags are fading, siphoning and water resistant.

The graphic images should preferably be sent in a vector format, but for our loyal customers the layout can be made by our specialists without an extra cost.
For office pennons we can also supply with wooden supports.



We produce pennants in standard and  atypical forms (rectangular, trapezoidal, semicircular and other irregular forms) only on demand.


Pennants dimensions

Little pennants: 8x10cm, 10x13cm, 13x20cm

Club pennants: 18x27cm, 20x30cm, 25x45cm, 28x40cm, 30x45cm


Pennants finishing

The pennants can be finished with:

  • Strap on the edge
  • Fringe on the edge
  • Support sticks and wooden balls