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Flag on street lamp
To be fixed on your lampposts or on a wall
Use the poles of the lampposts to display your message or announce the events of your municipality: display for a festival, a municipal info etc.
Can also be used to make signage in height or to guide your visitors on your production sites.
Possibility of fixing the system on a wall:
If you do not have lighting poles available, you can also attach these systems with a bracket directly to a wall.
Print quality
The standard 110gr / m2 polyester mesh flag cloths are printed in sublimation four-color process, allowing you to create a completely free mock-up of the number of colors, number of photos, etc.
Consider using the templates by selecting the desired print direction: grommets on the right or grommets on the left.
Approximate price per 1 m2:
50 m2 - 7.5 euro
100 m2 - 7 euro
200 m2 - 6.5 euro
300 m2 - 6 euro
500 m2 - 5.5 euro
1000 m2 - 4.5 euro