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"Beachflags" advertising sails are easy to install and carry advertising media that offer you great promotional visibility.
The unique shape of the sail allows it to move with the wind and thus achieve a 360 ° rotation, without risk of breaking.
With the sail printed in transparency, the "beachflags" offer you 360 ° visibility.
The "beachflags" exist in several sizes (2m40, 3m50, 4m70) according to your needs and your space.
The movements of the sails attract the eye and make you easily identifiable by your customers.
Beachflags, also known as banners, can be used for one-off or permanent marketing campaigns, as well as at trade shows, in shopping malls or in front of your shop.
Approximate price
- model Feather:
S-28 euro / M - 36 euro / L - 49 euro / XL - 67 euro (+ base eco 1 euro)

- teardrop model:
S- 29 euro / M - 40 euro / L - 59 euro / XL - 103 euro (+ base eco 1 euro)

- model MAST flag 5x1m: 155 euro