About us

MAXIMEDIA was founded in 2008 to take over and improve the export activity carried on by Mediaconcept over 10 years.

Our products address both to the advertising agencies and companies from the advertising industry, to the final customers in the country and especially to the customers abroad.

• We provide our clients with counselling in making models and the recommendation of the best options for producing flags and other promotional items.
• The confidentiality of our clients’ information is a rule for us.
• The products quality is assured by the manufacturer of the used materials through the quality certificates which annex the. Moreover, the materials quality is recognized through the 10 years of export success in the French market.
• The customers’ loyalty is assured through a system of discounts and preferential execution time (even if their delivery time was sometimes "yesterday").

About us

Besides the export division, we operate in the Romanian market also in the production of advertising and promotional items, large format print, resin labels, screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, display systems, polystyrene volumes.

The team

The team consists of qualified personnel, educated in the spirit of the quality required by our external customers, knowing both the importance of quality and the delivery deadlines.


The known companies in the country and in France have been relying on us for over 10 years and they were not disappointed. You can count on us!