Mediaconcept was founded in 2005.
The products are aimed at advertising agencies as well as companies in the advertising industry of our country, as well as export.
At your disposal, a studio with qualified personnel for the realization of models; As well as advice for the best options for the production of pennants and other promotional items. The team is made up of qualified personnel, educated in the spirit of export quality, knowing the importance of respecting quality and delivery terms.
Exports to the French market bear witness to this, since 2008.
Find us every year at PSI Düsseldorf, CTCO Lyon and PPE Coventry
Our products:
- pennants: all types and dimmensions
- flags: flags for mat, supporter flags, advertising sail, flagship, flags, kakemonos
- exhibition systems: roll-up, pop-up, A-board
- sublimated towels quadri
- scarves sublimated quadri
- bibs sublimated quadri
- quadri sublimated aprons
- sublimated bandana quadri
- bags of beans sublimated quadri
- quadri sublimated manicures
- quadripled sublimated stadium cushions
- sublimated cushions quadri
- sublimated airplane cushion
- wreaths of flags
- non-woven banners
- sports equipment sublimated quadri on any surface
- tablecloth
- minitenue / mini tshirt
- eyeglass wipers
- car deodorants / santorettes
- large format printing: pvc banner, pvc mesh, stickers, textile banner
- giant t-shirt to display in the stadiums
- sublimated bathrobe quadri
- fleece printed fleece
- quadri picnic tablecloth
- flags sublimated poncho quadri
- bag of sublimated cord quadri


Find us every year at PSI Düsseldorf, CTCO Lyon and PPE Coventry